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| Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The registration for the 42nd Golden Horse Film Awards ended last night, a total of 72 movies (34 Taiwanese movies) registered, among them, 52 are dramas, 14 short films, 2 documentary films, 4 animation films, it were lesser when compared to last year which have 56 drama films and 20 non-drama films. However, well-known directors and superstars had their production running for awards and it would be competitive. Andy Lau whom was last year's Best Actor had 4 movies registered, showing off his intention of winning the award again.

The 4 movies of Andy that were registered includes Yesterday Once More, A World Without Thieves, Wait Til' You're Older and All About Love. Other actors vying for the Best Actor award includes Stephen Chow (Kungfu Hustle), Tony Leung (Seoul Raiders), Leon Lai (7 Swords) and Jay Chou (Initial D).

The nomination list would be announced on 18 October and the prize presentation ceremony be held on 13 November at Keelung Culture Centre.

news from: China Times