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| Wednesday, September 21, 2005

When shooting Wait 'Til You're Older, Andy Lau whose character range from 10 - 80 years old, it's a torture to suffer 10 hours of makeup but there's also a scene where Andy bump his head until it bleed.

The scene narrates that he suddenly transform to an adult when he was sleeping, as the structure of children's bed was not so strong, thus Andy fall as the structure of the bed gave way. Although it's just shooting but the bed is at least 4-5 inches tall, when Andy fall from the bed, sometimes he lost his balance and hit his head against the pillar of the bed causing his head to bleed and he still had to smile infront of the camera.

There is also a scene whereby Andy leave his home to stay with his classmate but there was no bed for him and he had to take a disposed refrigerator as bed.

Andy seldom take care of his body during shooting as he gave all to acting, but for the sake of the fans and yourself, do take care of your body!

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