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| Saturday, September 03, 2005

Around 8:50pm, there was a commotion at the stadium door number 4 as screams can be heard. "Andy Lau had arrived!" Indeed, a few minutes later, a policecar drove in while a dark coloured salon car followed behind.

Moments later, Andy was already standing on the stage with microphone. "He's so professional, he came without much rest!", the reporter thought to himself, as to see Andy more clearly, he took out his 24X optical zoom DV and from its LCD screen, he could see Andy's face clearly. He exclaimed: "He's not old, still so handsome." Without knowing, fans started to gather around the reporter to "peep" at Andy. The fans also took out their camera to take photographs. "No photographs!" The crew members immediately came to stop the fans from taking photographs, the fans had no choice but to keep their cameras and instead shouted Andy's name and blew flying kisses.

Andy rehearse several of his classic old songs which includes - Tian Yi, Wo He Wo Zui Zu De Mong, Nan Ren Ku Ba Bu Shi Zui, one by one the classic songs sang out of Andy's mouth which delights the fans. The reporter leave the stadium around 9 PM but Andy was still on the stage rehearsing his song - Chang Mian. The reporter discover that huge groups of fans gathered outside the stadium as they exclaimed: "As we can't see him in person, listening to him singing live is already very satisfying!"

news from: www.jinbw.com.cn