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| Friday, October 07, 2005

TVB singers celebrate station's anniversary would be held at Tseung Kwan O TV City on 15 October. A press conference was held yesterday to reveal the programme's content. Those attended includes male and female singers' group leader Nat Chan and Cheung Yu Ling, male and female singers' team leader Andy Lau, Hacken Lee, Joey Yung and Miriam Yeung and some other singers that came to show their support. The singers dressed in their representative colours (red for male and white for female).

Andy who is the male singers team leader, would lead the male singers whom would be wearing Scottish tartan skirts to perform, 3 other TVB Tigers would also be invited to re-enact the performance titled - 3 Tigers smashing huge stone on chest which they performed many years ago, this would be Andy's third performance of the item as the 5 Tigers performed the item during the station's anniversary and a charity show before, but this time round, Tony Leung would be absent as Andy quoted that he might be busy with work thus unable to join the performance.

Andy quipped that he would be the one got hit during the smashing stone on chest performance, this time is no exception. The secret is the ability to endure pain. When asked why he's willing to be the one being hit? He quipped: "Actually I'm only hurt on my flesh, whereas they would be sufering from mental hurt, maybe they know that I could not withstand mental hurt, I was being sent out to be the one being hit!" Later he explain in a serious manner that he knew the one who is to smash the stone, whom was the same person that did it before, thus he's more familiar as to how much force to use.

When asked if he bought any insurance for the performance, Andy exclaimed that TVB had bought insurance for all its staff and he won't be buying any additional insurance as he believed that the performance is safe.

With regards to him wearing the Scottish tartan skirts to perform, is there fear of revealing himself? Andy quipped that he had a protection when wearing jeans, thus he's sure that nothing would be revealed. Meanwhile, Cheung Yu Ling exclaimed that she would send out Emme Wong and Yumiko Cheung in a sexy dance number, without any protection clothings to counter Andy.

Andy exclaimed that he was delighted to have this singers celebrate station anniversary returning after 7 years as the singers can get together to perform as it bring their distance closer. With regards to singers vying for the leader spot, Andy quipped that it's okay as such allegations are very common.

news from: Ta Kung Pao, Wei Wen Po, MingPao, Sun News, Oriental Daily News