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| Friday, October 21, 2005

Eric Tsang's hair salon opened a new branch in Shenzhen as he attended the opening ceremony.

When asked about Andy Lau failed to be nominated for the Best Actor award despite registering 4 movies, Eric quoted himself as an example to console Andy, he says: "When I won the award in 1991, I gave people a refeshing feeling as I change my style of acting, later performace were more or less the same, thus Anthony Wong got nominated with Infernal Affairs and I don't get nominated. Andy is a 100 marks actor as he continue to have breakthrough, he could be old or fat."

Meanwhile when Hacken Lee attended an activity, he was asked if Andy would be his competitor in upcoming music award ceremonies, he says: "Which year he isn't? But I was also happy when I saw him collecting awards last year. I was not sure why he was not nominated for the Golden Horse Film Awards, I think the organiser wants to give some chance to others! Actually his house doesn't have much space for awards as there were too many of them!"

news from: MingPao