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| Friday, November 11, 2005

Last year Andy Lau came out top against Tony Leung to become the Best Actor of the Golden Horse Film Awards, at the post ceremony dinner, he promise that this year he would be the prize presenter, but when he didn't get any nomination despite registering 4 movies, with the on-going shooting of Jacob Chang's Mozi War Stagery, his chances of coming to Taiwan is minimal.

It's a practice for previous year's Best Actor to present the Best Actress award, but after confirmation that Andy would not be able to attend the ceremony, the Golden Horse Film Awards is in a difficult situation as they never gave up to bring Andy to Taiwan as they hope that he would made it in the last minute. However, Andy's management company told Golden Horse Film Awards that Jacob Chang refuse to release him and Andy express: "I'm sorry for Golden Horse Film Awards."

news from: Apple Daily News