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| Wednesday, November 09, 2005

While the rest of the filming crew were busy shooting the movie - Mo Gong, Andy Lau had some free time as he specially paid a visit to the crew members of Banquet and its director - Feng Xiaogang whom was location shooting at Xiaotangshan (Beijing) where World Without Thieves also location shooting there.

Being told by his manager that Feng was location shooting at the same venue, it happened that he had completed his shooting, he decided to use his one-day off to visit Feng. Although he was told by Feng that Ge You and Zhang Ziyi was not present, but Daniel Wu was shooting an action scene thus Andy drove his car to visit Feng which touches him.

When Andy arrives at the set, he greet the familiar crew members at the set and also sing praise of Daniel's image and actions. Feng, looking at Daniel whom was hanging on wires and says: "He had a good working attitude, can fight and withstand hardship." Andy then exclaimed that Daniel looked like when he was young, thinking back that he once attended Daniel's fan gathering and describe him as "the younger Andy Lau".

Under the guidance of Master Yuen, Daniel did his scene with one take which delights the crew members. When told that Daniel craves for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Andy immediately sent his assistant to buy for Daniel as a reward.

Returning to Xiaotangshan, Andy had feelings for the crew members that he collaborated before. The filming studio was twice the size when compared to last year's World Without Thieves, when Andy and Feng was walking around the filming set, they talked about their last collaboration as Andy show his support for Feng as on seeing such a large investment, it would have a high box office collection. Feng also had high praise for Andy whom was currently shooting Mo Gong.

These 2 movies which invested by Huayi Brothers, one had a box-office gurantee director and another with showbiz's evergreen in the cast, this shows the movie company's desire of the 2 movies, both Andy and Feng are anticipating their new works.

news from: Sina.com