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| Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This is the first artist classroom where we invited Andy Lau to teach us bowling and show us his skills. Actually, no matter you're an expert or beginner, if you know your 4 basic steps and grab your ball properly, it would be easy to get a strike!

Everybody knows that Andy loves bowling as his standard had reached professionals' level, he also introduce this sport to his good friends Hacken Lee and Felix Wong whom became his bowling buddies. Among them, Felix knew nothing about bowling but after training for 6 months, he could attain 230 points which is not far from mentor Andy's highest point of 270 points.

When Andy and Felix went bowling together, Andy will passed some bowling tips to his old friend, Andy says: "Actually bowling only relates to picking up the ball and throwing it out, only 4 basic steps, no matter you're an expert or beginner, all need to do these 4 steps, together with the timing of throwing the ball out."

Andy says: "Remember when you throw the ball out, the gravity rest on the left leg, when the ball is thrown out, the body must maintain its position, right hand must slowly raise up, when these 4 steps are observed, with the correct position, a great ball can be attained."

Andy also expressed the critical point of catching the ball, normally the thumb, middle and ring finger to be inserted into the hole of the ball, there are traditional and twirling ball ways of holding the ball. Traditional way is just to insert 2 segments of the fingers into the holes which is suitable for beginners. For twirling ball, the fingers must be inserted around 1 segment, the ball thrown out depends on the different strengths used, Andy says: "How the ball goes depends on the changes of the thumb, must be done slowly."

For bowling gear, other than the bowling ball, bowling shoes is also important. In addition, Andy would also wear protection for his fingers and wrist. Firstly, let's talk about selection of ball, the distance of the holes on the ball differs from the distance of each finger, must select a ball that fit the distance of your fingers thus you would control the ball at ease.

Andy says: "There are different types of balls, simply said they are mainly those that stick and non-stick on the ground and its ability to create friction with the ground, for normal bowling alleys, they are normally fiber balls which doesn't stick to the ground well, it can be used for straight balls, for those balls that stick onto the ground, friction with the ground would cause it to change direction, thus it's good for twirling of the ball."

Finger stickers will be stick on the joints of the fingers to prevent injuries when one used the wrong strength or fingers stucked inside the hole of the ball, Andy says: "I did seen people had their fingers stuck in the holes which results to fingers broken when they throw the ball out."

With regards to shoes, those normal shoes that could be rented at bowling alleys, only the heels has anti-slippery pad, whereas for those more professional bowling shoes, only the right leg's has fully anti-slippery pad as the focus was placed on left leg, the right leg is easily slipped, thus the anti-slippery pad can stablise the body.

news from: Apple Daily News