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| Tuesday, November 08, 2005

In the movie Wait 'Til You're Older, in order to become a 20-years-old, Andy Lau wore children wear and the way he talks and carries himself to make himself looked cute.

Director Chan Tak Sum manage to find a child actor whom resemble him to play the character when he's 12-years-old thus Andy would have to act the character from 20 to 80-years-old. 43-years-old Andy was confident of his ability to dress up as a 20-something-years-old, he says: "I think I don't look that bad as a 20-years-old, in the past I don't dare to act young, now I'm more confident."

The Taiwanese media commented that Andy's old makeup in the movie looked too haggard but Andy was delighted of the makeup as it was so successful that even the crew members could not recognise him.

Andy revealed that he wish to have his own children in the past but after this movie, he suddenly doesn't know how to face children, he says: "Maybe I need to seek help from Felix Wong on how to be a father as he had 2 14-years-old daughters!"

news from: Apple Daily News, Sina.com