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| Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's just 3 weeks away from Andy Lau's Vision Tour concert, it's heard that the tickets sales was doing very well. Other than that, the organiser also arranged 200 tickets for disabled students to share their joy with Andy!

The in-charge of the disabled centre expressed that whenever there is a concert, their students would enquiry on the possibility of watching the concert. Most of the time, the centre would approach the organiser to express their interest of some special tickets for the concert.

Absolute Entertainment director expressed that whenever Andy hold a concert, he would always support such charity actions, thus base on Andy's doing charity spirit, the pathway near the stage would be specially reserved for the 200 students to enjoy the concert.

In addition, Andy would arrive in Malaysia on 9 December to prepare for his concert, although Andy injured his leg when location shooting in Mainland China recently but the director gave the fans a confidence boost by expressing that Andy's injury is not serious and he would put up his best show for the fans!

news from: ChinaPress