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| Friday, November 18, 2005

Andy Lau injured himself earlier during the on-going filming of Sundream Motion Pictures' Muk-gong, the movie's producer - Tsui Siuming send a fruit hamper and fax his concern to Andy, this concern from Hong Kong being through lots of misunderstanding before reaching Andy 3 hours later.

Tsui said that he arranged his friend in Beijing to bring the hamper to Andy at the filming set but the hotel staff could not understand the traditional chinese words written on the fax as it wrote "to: wah zai" on the top and "from: xiao ming" at the bottom, as reason of not clear whom should deliver the hamper to, thus it didn't reach Andy, it took around 3 hours to settle the conflict.

Andy said: "Ever since a voyeur involving Gigi Leung in a Beijing hotel, most of the hotels step up their security. The hotel that I'm staying was booked by the whole crew thus the strict security, can't blame the hotel staff."

Andy was currently location shooting at a Beijing studio, when he's free, he would decorate the wooden makeup room as he would write or draw on the wooden wall, recently he just drew a drawing of his character. In his drawing, Ge Li was crying, Andy quipped: "Please don't be mistaken that I tear because of the tough filming, Ge Li cried because he don't understand why there is war in this world. Muk-gong is an anti-war movie, hope there will be forever peace and harmony in this world, no war, it bring out message of love instead of attacking. My character - Ge Li is one whom often live in the midst of war, one who faces war everyday and doesn't know if he would live or die the next day, being a refugee, there's no fanciful make-up. For a refugee in battle, he's dressed simply, non-glamorous, everyday with a muddy face."

As the weather had turned cold, the filming crew had to work under the conditions of cold temperature and occassionally sandstorm. Andy, Fan Bingbing and a Japanese camerman had to shot a scene where the hero save his lover from the water cell in a water which is under minus 7 degrees celius, the water is 4 meters in depth and they had to stay in the water for 6 hours, Andy sighs: "It's not easy for a hero to save his beautiful lover."

To order to capture the scene, director Jacob Chang whom was having a cold and 20 crew members had to go into the cold water to set up their equipements for the beat angle to be captured. Although the sick director was in the cold water, he still kept urging his actors, Jacob express: "Although I kept coughing, I also know that my illness will get serious when I stayed in the cold water for 6 hours but as the director of Muk-gong, I've to do my best and set an example. Initially I was scared that Andy and Fan could not endure, but they didn't complaint, I was very touched."

For the scene, all safety precaution were taken car of as medical officers and divers were stationed, just in case, oxygen tanks were also prepared for Andy and Fan to relief themselves. Although Andy and Fan wore diving suits within their costume but it could not protect them from the cold water due to the extreme low temperature thus crew member suggested putting thermal bags into the water to increase the water's temperature but the director calculated that 300 thermal bags were needed in order to satisfy the requirement, with the danger of being electrocuted in case of electricity leakage, the idea was dropped, only a cup of hot water was prepared to keep them warmth. When there's a break in filming, towel and hot ginger soup were given to the actors to keep warmth. It was the toughest filming that the actors and crew members had experienced as they almost lost their senses.

Although it was a tough experience, but when the director showed everyone the final touching scene, everyone feel that all the hardship is worth it.

news from: Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Sina.com