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| Sunday, November 20, 2005

Last week, Andy Lau fall from high heights and injured his left leg's tendon. Around 1:00AM, Andy whom yet recover from his injury return to Hong Kong with his assistants from Beijing to seek treatment in Hong Kong.

After his injury, there was allegations that he broke a bone in his leg, there was even allegations in Internet that he had passed away, when fans knew that he was returning to Hong Kong, they brought presents and wishing cards to the airport to pick him up. When they see their idol walked slowly out of the arrival hall, albeit limping, but they can at least relax.

From what is seem, Andy walked rather slowly, he expressed that his injury had yet recovered as he would feel slight pain when he walks. After receiving the presents and cards from fans, Andy urge the fans to go back home to rest as it was not early.

According to sources, the purpose for Andy's trip back to Hong Kong is to seek treatment and have another thorughly check before returning to Mainland China to continue shooting of Muk-gong.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News