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| Sunday, November 20, 2005

Andy Lau whom was currently loctaion filming for the movie Muk-gong in Beijing, injured his left leg when shooting a scene where he jumps off from a 5-storey building, currently he required a wheelchair to carry himself around.

Although the doctor told him that he required to rest between 4-6 weeks, but being famous for hardworking, he only rest for a few days and wanted to start work in a scene which requires to be hang on wires in 30 feet off the ground, director Jacob Chang was worried that he would injured his leg again but Andy told him that he would be alright thus Jacob carried on with the filming.

It had just been 3 days after the accident, with his leg still bandaged, Andy was being hanged 30 feet off the ground, filming a scene where he flew from here to there, he even asked the director if he could re-shoot some of the action scenes shot previously.

As the filming location is the remote areas in Beijing, there tends to have more sandstorm, with the low temperature, it was very cold and the filming crew start work at 6:ooAM and stop work only in the evening. In order not to make Andy tired, he would be allowed to rest after hanging on wires for 10 minutes, the crew member was careful when pulling Andy up and down to prevent hurting on his injured leg. The scenes took around 10 takes to complete.

Initially the director thought of using a stunt double for safety reasons but Andy immediately stand up, twist his waist and dance to show his motivity, he says: "I can walk, it's not that I can't, it's just the bandage leg affecting the way I walk, gave the wrong impression that I couldn't walk! The art director personally did the scene himself to design a movement that would get the effect and would not affect Andy's injury before allowing Andy to continue the shoot.

Thinking back to what had happened, Andy always thinks that his injury was nothing much until he return to his hotel room where he applied cream himself but the pain was unbearable as it didn't subside, he hold on till the next day's afternoon before going to the hospital for X-ray and RMI. When the report came out, Andy was rather anxious, "When I saw how the doctor and medical officer hold my X-ray film, gather and discuss, they seems nervous, I was so scared then, since one day had passed but my leg was still pain, what to do when the movie is only half way shot? I still have many jobs on hand, it would be trouble is need to be changed, how?"

In the end, the doctor found out that there was a slight tear in his left leg's tendon and it required to be stablise with rubber and steel plates.

Although being bandaged, that didn't stop Andy as he could still wheel himself around in a wheelchair, draw on the wall to ease his boredom, his drawing include his character (Ge Li) in the movie and a cartoon character, his art work gather the crew members to take a look as they prasie his drawing skills.

news from: Sudden Weekly