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| Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Andy Lau whom injured his leg during Muk-gong's location shooting in Beijing, the director gave him several days off to jet back to Hong Kong to see doctor, thus he seize the chance to hold a rewarding celebration for All About Love which had collected HK$12 million.

Although he was not tipped to do well whenever he invest in movies, but Andy never gave up his dream, his invested All About Love earn money and had a good box office takings, another of his invested movie - The Shoe Fairy won the Best Art Direction in the recent Golden Horse Films Awards, which delights him.

He said: "Maybe when I invest, I won't earn a lot of money, but at least I didn't lose money, if I continue to work hard, produce more good movies, then people would not worry for me, when I've job, everybody would have job!" Andy's speech won the applause from those present.

Andy's Focus Film had invested in 6 movies where The Shoe Fairy would be screened next year but already won an award in the Golden Horse Film Awards. Another 2 movies Free to Drink Tea and Sun Rain (both literally translated) had already finished filming. Andy hope the other 5 movies would have good results and reached his initial target, that is, giving newcomers a chance and bred new blood for the Hong Kong movie industry.

Andy had a 20-tables dinner at Tsim Sha Tsui's Royal Garden Hotel previous night. Being the boss, he had HK$100,000 from his own pocket as the prize money for the lucky draw in order to reward his workers, this delights them.

However, the 2 female leads - Charlene Choi and Charlie Yeung were absent due to work committments. Charlene called Andy from Mainland China to complain: "What's wrong, asked you to wait for me and you didn't."

Charlie whom was location shooting in Malaysia made a long-distance phone call and said: "I'm sad that I'm unable to attend the celebration, I've no chance of winning the $100,000 prize money, it's not reasonable, I feel that Andy should wait for me and Charlene to return and do another celebration."

The "tomorrow braclet" that Andy gave Charlene and Charlie in the movie sold out several times when put on sale on his official website, someone even auction it in the internet and the price was raised to HK$1,000 from HK$120. In order not to disappoint fans, he decided to release a 2,000 sets of special edition DVD in early Decemeber which would include the movie pictorial book, twin DVD with the making of the movie and a "tomorrow braclet".

After being checked by Hong Kong doctors, the doctor pointed out that his inhury was no longer serious, most importantly is not to do too much huge movements and bends too much, it would fully recover within 3 weeks. Before leaving Hong Kong, Andy would take a flu prevention injection to ensure he return for work with a healthy body.

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