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| Thursday, December 08, 2005

Andy Lau, Jay Chou and Emi Fujita went for the recording for Jade Solid Gold on 7 December.

With regards to the earlier TVB8 Mandarin Music-On-Demand (MOD) Best 10 Awards where Andy was busy shooting in Beijing and unable to attend thus resulting the Most Popular Male Singer to be won by Hacken Lee, Andy expressed that he don't mind as TVB8 had announced the rules of the awards last year thus he had forecast that he won't win any awards as each award ceremonies had its own set of rules and requirements. Andy had no pressure on himself as the pressure is on his group of promoters.

These few days, Andy would be jetting off for his concert tours in Malaysia and America before returning to Beijing to continue his shooting. With regards to whether he could attend the other award ceremonies, he express that he was unsure but actually he did request the director to allow him to attend the TVB8 Mandarin Music-On-Demand (MOD) Best 10 Awards but the director rejected his request.

It's alleged that his absence resulted the Most Popular Male Singer award to be presented to Hacken, Andy quipped that luckily it was presented to Hacken but it doesn't matter if other singers won it, as it was Hacken's birthday, hope Hacken would be happy on his birthday present.

news from: Sina.com