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| Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Andy Lau touched down at America on 16 December for 4-nights of his concert tour, his first stop is Atlantic City for 2 shows. As the show times for the 2 shows were tight, the first show started at midnight while the other started in the afternoon.

Without much time to rest and the dry weather of Atlantic City, Andy had problems with his voice during the second show as he almost lost his voice, to prevent the show being cancelled, Andy kept drinking throat soothing tea to hold out throughout the concert.

For this year, Andy was on the plane more than he was in the car. From the beginning of the year, he kept jetting around the world for his concert tours and location shooting of movies, even superman will be tired. Without much rest after returning to Hong Kong after location shooting in Mainland China, unable to adapt to the weather change upon reaching America, Andy manage to complete the first show in the cold and dry atmosphere, his voice started to turn hoarse.

After the midnight show, with just a few hours of rest, Andy need to start the afternoon show, but his throat was giving him problems as he kept coughing and signs of losing his voice, he was worried of the next performance this he kept drinking throat soothing tea and also called back to his doctor in Hong Kong for advices. The doctor advise him to stop taking anti-coughing medicine as under the dry atmosphere, he would lose his voice immediately thus Andy follow the doctor's instruction. Andy did his best in the performance and the audience obviously could discover his hoarse voice.

A professional Andy whom would not cancel his concert due to illness quipped to the audience: "I'm not sure if the reason was that there are too many pretty women in Atlantic City as I started coughing when I arrive. With the coughing, my performance is not too good, but I will try to do my best."

The Atlantic City audience was very concerned of Andy, seeing him fall sick, they kept applause and sing along with Andy, some male fans also stand up and shouts: "Andy, don't worry, if you cannot carry on singing, we'll help you to carry on singing."

Andy was so touched that he almost cried and he told the audience: "It all own to all of you for Andy Lau of today, this is the strength from all of you for so many years which kept me going and continue to work hard till the end, there's nothing that I can repay everyone, I'll continue to work hard and carry on singing and acting in good movies till I'm 70-80 years old, if only all of you don't give up on me, I'll still act and sing for everyone!"

After hearing what Andy had said, thunderous applause can be heard as Andy was moved until he could not speak.

news from: Sina.com