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| Friday, December 16, 2005

Andy Lau's Best of Love mini-concert has a high atmosphere throughout the whole concert, the temperature of the fans raised.

Andy specially invited several couples onstage to perform but unexpectedly one girlfriend immediately throw her boyfriend aside after going on-stage and dashed towards Andy, but Andy did manage to avoid her in time.

During the concert, Andy shake hands with fans behind the barricase and also appeared in Scottish tartan skirt. His skirt did flew up when he made a turn and reveal his black underwear which result the fans' to scream out loud and with their saliva dripping.

Andy quipped that of course he did wear underwear but it was much longer when compared to the previous time.

After the concert, Andy would be jetting off to Beijing to attend the Chinese Movies 100th Anniversary activity on 28 December.

In addition, Andy first batch of 30,000 copies of his new album were sold out and another 20,000 copies were delivered to the stores.

news from: Sina.com