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| Saturday, December 17, 2005

Andy Lau held his mini-concert at the Hongkong International Trade & Exhibition Centre previous night. Other than having a hot dance with a female dancer, he also specially wore the Scottish tartan skirt to sing and dance, whenever he moves, the skirt will be lift up by the wind which reveals his black shorts which leave the fans screaming.

At the opening of the concert, Andy had hot dance with the female dancer. During the dance, at one time Andy (accidentally) touches the female dancer's breast with the fans screaming out loud. Andy then follow to lift up the female dancer's dress to reveal her white underwear.

Andy was too concentrated in his performance that once his glasses fall off from his face during a dance. He also went off-stage many times to get near the fans.

Then Andy invited 2 couples for karaoke session on stage, with a chance to get near Andy hard to come by, one female fan immediately leave her boyfriend in the cold and dashed towards Andy and put her head on Andy's shoulder and chest, the other fans watched with admiration.

When Andy was singing on a pole, he suddenly lost his balance as the crew member on-seeing the situation came to his rescue by lending his hand for Andy to balance himself.

During encore, Andy specially wore the Scottish tartan skirt and appeared rather flirtatious as he purposely allowhis skirt to be blown up thus revealing his black shorts during the performance. He quipped that he's not afraid of exposing himself!

After this concert, andy will be jetting off to America for his concert tour, then he would be attending the Chinese Movies 100th Year activity on 28 December where he would meet National Leader Hu Jingtao. When asked what he prepared to say to Hu, Andy assume that he would not have chance to caht with him, if he had the chance, he would say "Good Morning" to him. He would be performing 'Wang Qing Shui' at the activity.

When talked about revealing his black shorts under his skirt, Andy quipped that he had wore precaution garments as he was mistaken been exposed during his last performance in a skirt, thus he specially selected a larger size cyclist's shorts to prevent being mistaken again.

In addition, his first batch of his new album had broke the 30,000 mark, as new 20,000 copies were released. Andy is delighted of the good response of his new album and he hope that it would fare better results.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News, Sun News