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| Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Both Andy Lau and Sam Hui held concerts in Las Vegas, but looking at the box office, it seems that Andy was more popular. Maybe it's due to the long weekend, Sam's concert was only 70% full as the most expensive tickets were not sold out. Whereas, Andy's concert on Christmas Day was sold out with a ticket hard to come by, even the black market tickets were snapped up.

According to the local travel agencies, some fans were willing to top up US$50 to buy the tickets, it can be seen the charisma of Andy.

Maybe due to his age, Sam seems exhausted when he perform but he still display his friendly side as he kept shaking hands and blew flying kisses to the audience. With fans from Taiwan and Mainland China to support him, but with his less than polish Mandarin, he sang 'Wo Yuan Yi' to satisfy the fans. Sam's memory was also failing as he was performing in the day in America but he kept saying "Tonight".

In addition, Andy held 2 shows at Atlantic City this past weekend but it result him to cough and have a hoarse voice, he was worried that his performance to lose standard as he kept drinking throat soothing tea and called his doctor back in Hong Kong, his doctor advise him to stop taking anti-coughing medicine or he would lost his voice. Andy immediately stop taking the medicine but during his performance, his voice still appeared hoarse.

news from: Apple Daily News