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| Monday, December 19, 2005

Andy Lau is the most courteous as he had just released his latest album, thus he gave away his album to some of the singers, Kenny Kwan is one of them.

Last Wednesday (14 December), Andy had prepared his albums with his writings and brought them along to the Jade Solid Gold music awards press conference and gave one to Kenny.

At the press conference, new singer Justin went forward to meet Andy to introduce himself and gave him his latest album with writings: "Hope you enjoy my music!". A large group of reporters went froward to take photographs, being a newcomer, Justin seldom being photographed, when he's standing beside Andy, the cameras kept aiming at him which leave him stunned as he exclaimed: "Ai, I'm so happy, Andy is really a great superstar!" Actually Justin had been a producer for some time and just came out to be a singer this year, he had high chance of winning the new singer award. Luckily Andy had additional album on hand and wrote some words: "Continue to work hard!" on it before giving it to Justin.

Then Andy bump into Kenny and gave him a prepared album which had "Continue to be yourself" written on it. Andy told reporters: "Since Kenny venture out himself, he put in a lot of effort, had a huge improvement. The words I wrote for him, meaning not to care of the many allegations, just work hard on his own job would be OK." This writing is more meaningful than those written for Justin.

news from: Sudden Weekly