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| Friday, January 13, 2006

The 2-months voting of Sina.com 2005 Internet Annual Awards finally came to an end as the presentation ceremony was held at Beijing Century Theater on 10 Jan 2006.

Many artistes gathered for the event as both Li Yu Chun and Andy Lau whom were "new-old" popularity king and queen were the center of attraction for the media. During the walk down the red carpet, Li's fans shouted out loud at the top of their voices, it was almost a chaotic situation, due to contract problems, Andy could not walk on the red carpet which has the event's sponsers' logo.

Andy won 2 awards which were the year's male singer and actor awards, he's the only one to win 2 awards. When asked by reporters if he mind the Supergirls contestants raising popularity, a relax Andy answers: "I knew about that, Yu Chun was in Hong Kong couple days ago, I really hope that every generation there will be a great idol to appear, because it's impossible for one person to support the whole showbiz. I just wanted to tell them, the message to the young, you must be responsible to yourself."

After the interview, a female reporter asked her last question, she stood up and asked Andy: "Although I'm not Lin Chiling, may I request for a hug?" Those present broke into laughter as Andy gave her a hug.

When Li Yu Chun was asked about her popularity fight with Andy, Li exclaimed that Andy's popularity was greater than her, she says: "I can't be compared to him, I need to work harder."

news from: Sina.com