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| Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Andy Lau whom just rushed over from the filming set to attend Sina.com 2005 Internet Annual Awards expressed that he enjoyed his current busy status as he treat it as an enjoyment in order to complete his tasks well.

Being the only artist to win 2 awards in the history of Sina.com 2005 Internet Annual Awards, Andy expressed that he will continue to work hard in order to win 3 or 4 awards.

His greatest wish for the new year is to shave away his moustache as he feel that he looked old when he keep his moustache, however his thinking was not agreed by the press as they think he looked cool with the moustache.

With regards to the Supergirls contestants raising popularity, Andy express that he also kept a look out of these newcomers as every generation require different type of singers, it's impossible for one person to control showbiz, he wishes Li Yu Chun and Zhang Liang Ying all the best in their career.

news from: Sina.com