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| Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The reporter was told that Andy Lau whose 'Zai Shou Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni' and 'Wei Zhi Shu' was nominated as the hits songs of Sprite China Original Composed Music Hits Charts 2005, thus he would be attending the award presentation ceremony on 14 Jan. With a tight schedule, Andy would pay from his own pocket for a private jet to fly himself to attend the ceremony.

Other than his attendance would excite the fans, he would be the biggest winner of the Sprite China Original Composed Music Hits Charts 2005 as looking at the online voting results, Andy's nominated Most Popular Male Singer in Hong Kong, Best Composer-Singer and Top 10 Hit Songs, he's favourite for the awards as chances of winning is high.

Other than Andy's attendance, Li Yu Chun and He Jie Yi and young popular Korean star SE7EN would also attend the ceremony.

news from: Sina.com