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| Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sina.com 2005 Internet Annual Awards was held at Beijing Century Theater on 10 Jan. The night's theme was specially designed to bring out the classic and grand atmosphere.

Andy Lau was presented the Year's Male Actor award as he said: "Thank You, thanks for all those whom had supported me, thanks to my fans and surfers of Sina.com for their support, hope in the near future, I'll have more good songs and movies, thanks for everyone support, thanks."

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Andy was also presented the Year's Best Male Singer, he said on-stage: "Thank you, thanks the 2 presenters for presenting the award to me, thanks to all the friends present, also need to thanks Sina.com, all the support from its visitors. I just rushed over here after finishing my filming, hope I could come back here next year and win this award, hope everyone could continue to support me, thanks."

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Andy also performed his latest song - 'Zai Shou Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni' which bring the ceremony to the higest point.

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news from: Sina.com