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| Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sina.com 2005 Internet Annual Awards was held in Beijing 2 nights ago, Andy Lau and Joey Yung won 2005's Best Male and Female Singer, Andy also won the Most Popular Actor award to become the night's biggest winner.

Although Andy was busy shooting his new movie, but he still spare some tiome to attend the ceremony to recieve his awards, the organisers invited CEO of China's Huayi Brothers and Nielsen/Net Ratings's Asia Pacific CEO to present the award to him.

Andy's win of 2005's Best Male Singer and Most Popular Actor awards was the highest point of the ceremony as several fans rushed forward to the side of the stage hoping to get close with their idol, the securities had to pull and push in order to maintain order. On seeing the securities getting physical with his fans, Andy felt pain as he asked the securities not to hit the fans to prevent them from getting hurt.

Andy never thought that the fans would dashed onto the stage to present him with flowers, shake hands and hug him as he says: "I understand that this is their job but I don't wish to see the securities push and pull my fans, as the securities were at least 6 feet tall, some fans were children and female, a moment of carless could injured them."

Andy expressed that he's delighted of his win of 2 awards with his 2 movies All About Love and Wait 'Til You're Older shows that even though both are not large production but the good box office takings and feedback . On his music, his Cantonese and Mandarin albums were selling well, he says: "To be able to manage between music and movies, all thanks to the investors, fans and myself, I'm happy about it."

When asked of his plans for this year, Andy express that after he must finished the shooting of Battle of Wits first, he quipped: "My biggest plan is to shave off my moustache, keeping it make me looked moody, need to manage and trim it everyday! I decided to change my costume off at the last day of shooting and shave it off immediately! Haha!"

news from: SingTao News, MingPao, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po