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| Sunday, January 15, 2006

The first officially endorsed music awards by the Chinese Culture Department in 2006, Sprite China Original Composed Music Hits Charts 2005 was held at Shaghai yesterday. The all-star red carpet was cancelled and thus all focus was gathered inside the venue as it was a showing of "old verus young", as 6 Supergirls contestants winning one award each and Andy Lau alone winning 7 awards.

With his 2 songs 'Zai Shou Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni' and 'Wei Zhi Shu' to make into the 2005 Sprite China Original Composed Music Hits Charts , Andy indeed appear at the award presentation ceremony.

According to the understanding of the reporter, Andy use his own pocket money to rent a private jet plane due to his busy schedule, it's a show of his "big star" charisma. The truth also shows that Andy did not have a waste trip with his win of 7 awards. He was so delighted that he went off-stage after singing without his award.

A delighted Andy sang several of his previous songs which includes 'Ban Sheng Yuan', 'Ben Xiao Hai', and 'Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian'. When receiving a boquet of flowers from a male fan, he kneel down with one knee on the stage, like a gentleman pose!

Being together on-stage with the Supergirls newcomers, Andy is not over shadowed by them as many fans still gave him flowers. When asked by reporters which award is more important among the awards he won, Andy said: "I think every award is equally important, if you really ask me which one is more important, I hope no matter in singing and acting, must maintain the standard to prove that I'm multi-talent!" Andy added that he think that no matter he's the "biggest winner" or "biggest loser", it doesn't matter as most importantly is the new beginning in the new year.

Just the day before the award ceremony, Andy had just completed the shooting of his movie Battle of Wits, as he specially kept a moustache for his character in the movie, he return to his "clean" look, he said that after 2 months of resting, his leg injury had recover fully.

news from: Sohu.com