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| Sunday, January 15, 2006

Compere (C) : Most Popular Male Singer, Country's Top Golden Hit Song, Most Idea Album, Best Singer-Composer, Asia Pacific Most Outstanding Artiste, you've won so many awards, what's you think of it?

Andy (A) : I feel that every award is an encouragement to me, I feel that I just need to do well in whatever I do, and that's very important.

C: What you hope for the new year?

A: Let's talk about both sides, one is movies the other being music. In music, now I hope that one song could represent in Olympics Games, because that I feel that there are 2 more years, in 2 years, I hope I can represent the Olympics.

C: How's your leg injury?

A: It recover, it recovered for at least 1 month, I could shoot action scenes, it would be no problem to me.

C: The Supergirls contestants, you know them?

A: I knew all of them.

C: They're very young girls, as a senior in the music industry, what you have to tell them?

A: I'm only familiar with the better 3, no matter what their development are, hope they could teach their fans and allow Chinese music to get better.

C: Could you send us your new year regards?

A: Happy New Year, hope to tell everyone from different places "happy new year", hope everyone is as lucky as me, hope everyone and people by your side to be very happy.

news from: Sohu.com