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| Friday, January 13, 2006

Joint invested by Huayi Brothers, Japan's Comstock Ltd, Korea's Boram Entertainment Inc and Hong Kong's Sundream Motion Pictures Ltd, US$16 billion major production Battle of Wits are currently undergoing tough location shooting in Hebei where Andy Lau battle with Wang Zhi Wen which will bring much more colour to the already nervous filming set.

The scene of Andy and Wang was arranged to be outside the palace, a platform structure was raised by several pillars with 200 soldiers gathering the platform, the atmosphere is heavy. Being untidy which complete smash the star charisma of Andy but throughout the scene, Andy was quiet as he used his sharp eye and body movements in the scene with Wang. This scene is to show Ge Li's inner strength.

Andy seems to be concern of his performance as whenever the director shouted "Cut", he will immediately went to watch the playback of the video. However, director Jacob Chang was very satisfied with Andy's performance as he always joke with andy to release the mood of the actors.

news from: sina.com