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| Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Andy Lau is a undisputed busy man, he would be the most relax during the Chinese New Year holidays as he need not work thus could stay in Hong Kong to gather with his parents. Andy is the Ambassador of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, as this year is the Year of Dog, he paid a visit to the dolphins and sea-dogs. Andy says: "Dolphins represents peace and harmony, everybody will be happy and things goes smoothly."

When Andy arrived at the Ocean Park, he was told that there was no sea-dog but rather only seals, he was told by the crew members that seals were called sea-dogs in some countries, Andy says: "I've never made friends with sea-dogs, never shake their big hands, it blew air at me and show me it's tongue, so mischievious."

When Andy visited the sea creatures, concidentally God of Fortune, God of Success, Wealth & Longevity were filming Chinese New Year commercial, he get to collect a red packet from the God of Fortune, he quipped: "Able to meet the God of Fortune and collect 2 red packets from him is good, there's also God of Fortune, God of Success Wealth & Longevity, this represent this year I would be bless with fortune, wealth and longevity."

As the past year has be work, work and work, he had a phobia of flying due to his frequent jetting around, he says: "I took at least 70 flights last year, I took the most flights during my concert's world tour and promotion in Taiwan, took a flight early in the morning then back in Hong Kong by midnight, that's scary!"

After completing his jobs and return to Hong Kong, Andy need not travel around as he would kept on eating at home, he says: "I weight myself and found out that I put on 8 pounds!" When asked if his new year wish is to lose weight? Andy says: "Actually everyone tell me that I'm very thin, I think I should wish to put on weight when required, not become a fatso, I wish I need not take so many flights this year!"

news from: Apple Daily News