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| Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Korean actor Choi Si Won participating in the shooting of Battle of Wits was his first time location shooting in Mainland China, he don't used to the food and living condition there as he had a "stranger losing his way" feeling.

This is Choi's first movie and his partner being Andy Lau makes him excited as it was like a dream. It's because he had adore Andy since young and he was very nervous when he see Andy in the flesh for the first time. He says: "Andy is very friendly, he take care of me like a little brother, we soon find the chemistry in our collaboration. I feel that he's a very cheerful person, he taught me magic and carve a picture for me, he also guide me on the things to take note during shooting."

He added that he's interested to venture into Hong Kong as he's curious of Hong Kong. When asked if which Hong Kong artistes that he would like to collaborate, he says: "The artist that I would like to collaborate had came true, he's Andy. In addition, I hope to collaborate with Jackie Chan and Maggie Cheung as I always watched their movies when I'm young in South Korea, their acting was terrific, I like them."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po