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| Sunday, January 29, 2006

Entering the Year of the Dog, Andy Lau uses a special way to send his greetings to MingPao readers. Accompanied by 'fortune dog' Jackal, Andy wrote a calligraphy "Stronger Society" to send out his blessing of 'yun zhuan qian kun' (changing for the better!) Andy is a strong person in showbiz, facing difficulties resulted him to peak even higher. Hong Kong is facing different challenges and accepting new challenges. Andy wishes to use his calligraphy to motivate Hongkongers.

For the past year, Andy had been location shooting in different places and seldom stay in Hong Kong. Chinese New Year is his only holiday this year thus he chose to enjoy the holiday with his family and friends in Hong Kong. Quoting the phobia of flying, Andy enjoyed the Home Sweet Home feeling, after the needed rest to recharge himself, he could fight again.

His work schedule is tight as his first work for the new year is Metro concert on 10 Feb, his new album is being worked out, shooting of a new movie would start in May, Andy would want his fans to see him more often in the Year of the Dog.

Talking about dogs, he says: "When I was staying at Diamond Hill, my family rares a dog, it's a working dog, its main responsibilities was to look after our house and catching mices. Then, I never rare any dog." For a person whom never get enough sleep, he never consider keeping a pet. "If I've the free time, I really chose to communicate with human, give more time to accompany my family, show concern to them isn't more important?"

Although you had seen Andy perform calligraphy at other venues before, this time round 4-years-old Golden Retriever Jackal accompanied him as 'fortune dog'. Jackal is the precious pet of the studio owner, although baring a fierce name, actually it is mischievous as it chase, bark, run and jumps during the photo-shoot. Lucky it stand quietly to watch Any writes the calligraphy and never mess around. It also acomodate Andy to do the 'gong xi' action to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!!

news from: MingPao