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| Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The finale music award ceremony - 28th RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award was successfully held 2 nights ago as Eason Chan was the night's biggest winner with 7 awards thus adding to a total of 21 awards in the 4 ceremonies to become the Media Award winner.

This is the fourth time that Eason won the Media Award but he express that this is the first time that he didn't share the award with other singers as in his previous win, he share the award with Faye Wong, Kelly Chen, Andy Lau and Joey Yung. Out of his 7 awards, Eason express that he's delighted to win the Country's Most Popular Male Singer (Silver) as in the past one year, he indeed spent a lot of time promoting in Mainland China, he admit defeat to Andy winning the Gold award as he think if Andy is absent in award presentation ceremonies, he feel that the leader was not around.

It was alleged that this would be the last RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award, Mr. Cheung Man Sun, Assistant Director of Broadcasting expressed that he had not heard of the allegation and stress that RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award will not be nailed.

During the rehearsal of the ceremony, Andy was told by the crew member on the news of RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award to be nailed. He feel that it would be a pity as he feel that RTHK should not hesitate whether to have the event but rather consider if the audience like it, if the audience like it, RTHK should carry on the event.

When asked if he would like RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award to continue, Andy expressed that of course he would like RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award to continue as there would another ceremony for him to win more awards, he quipped: "Everyone should consider if they should collaborate to hold a music award ceremony, in the meantime should do survey of the audiences' level of loving the ceremony before making any decision, of course I would like RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award to continue as there would be more awards, if not how to win the Media Award, Haha, I believe the fans will still support them. To me, I had experience the audience's cheer, no matter if it will still exist, I'll remember it."

Andy express that when he read through the RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award magazine that night, he discover that he was crowned Country Most Popular Male Singer for 6 consecutive years, he says: "If without the award ceremony, I don't know what to do, of course I won't know for how long can I win this award. (Mr. Cheung Man Sun said that it would continue?) That would be great."

Andy added that he was satisfied with 6.5 award won at RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Award. When asked about Eason referring him to be a senior singer, Andy quipped: "I think I am."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, SingPao, Oriental Daily News, Sun News