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| Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Year of the Dog is always prosperous for Andy Lau, his fans were spreaded around the world, even classic cartoon character Snoopy became his dans. Earlier, they met to send their Chinese New Year greetings to Sun News' readers!

Both Andy and Snoopy were idol of the media, never expected Snoopy was attracted to Andy's handsome look as it tagged him as "Super Idol". Snoopy bring his good friends - Charlie Brown and Lucy to Andy World Club to fill up membership application form but never expect they bump into their idol.

When Snoopy see Andy, it dashed forward to kiss and touches him. With such close contact, Andy have no reaction at all, actually the 3 of them mistaken the classic Andy standboard at the hall as the real mcCoy. Although making a fool of themselves, but knowing the arrival of these rare guests, Andy treated them well and invited them to take some photographs for the Chinese New Year, he also kiss each of them which excites Snoopy.

It was said that those born in the Year of Ox would prosperous in the Year of Dog, and would get chances of being promoted. Andy recapped the 3 Year of the Dog and indeed big happening occurred. He narrates: "In 1970, I was only 9-years-old, had my first and only pet dog named Jargar. In 1982, I was 21-years-old, in my first drama serial Eagle Hunter, as a TVB artist, I wishes Mr. Run Run Shaw a Happy Chinese New Year and collect red packets from him, that was great! In 1994 when I was 33-years-old, could be considered as an important year for my career, although my own company was folied but my song - 'Wang Qing Shui' became a classic, it was fruitful for my career!"

In to the new year, Andy hopes his work will continue to improve: "Hope Wait 'Til You're Older will bring me good news as it help me to win the Best Actor at the Hong Kong Films Awards, that would be Very Good!!!"

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News