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| Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Courtesy of good friend Cally Kwong, Heavenly King Andy Lau gets to borrow glamours pet Bichon Frise - Cash for Lunar New Year phototaking. Initially Andy thought that he was not familiar with Cash thus need more time to nurture relationship with it, however when Cash came into the photo studio, Andy quipped: "Why you find a woolly doll?" Cash is a professional dog artist as it could get close to Andy, throw hat around as the shooting was completed within one hour.

Andy whom had just completed the shooting of the movie, Battle of Wits, he kept moustache for 4 months for the movie, he insist shaving it off before the photo shoot to return to his clean handsome look which is more suitable to the Lunar New Year feel.

This year, Andy borrow Cash, good friend Cally's adored pet for photo-taking. Cally loves Cash very much as she design table calendar, mobile phone pouch and other products for it, with Cash's outlook, which look rather glamours, with its good name, approaching it to take photographs could trasmit good luck in the new year and good fortune blessings.

Actually Andy once have a pet dog but due to his busy work schedules, he had not time for his pet dog, whereas he get to collaborate with dog quite often. On seeing Cash's big head, Andy feel that it look like a woolly doll, he also enjoyed playing with it in the studio.

Last year, he was busy with his concert tour in Mainland China, Andy took 40 flights in total, he had phobia when talked about jet planes. For the Lunar New Year, he would stay in Hong Kong to gather with his family and help his mother to decorate the house. Andy would also follow his plan to release a new Mandarin album.

news from: Apple Daily News, udn news