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| Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More than 1 month of music awards presentation ceremonies had finally came to the last one. Eason Chan whom had already won 14 awards in the previous 3 ceremonies win a further 7 awards in RTHK Top 10 Mandarin Hits Awards to win the Media Award with a total of 21 awards.

Although Joey Yung lose out in the Media Award but she won the most awards among all female singers. Andy Lau whom was tagged as the evergreen in music awards ceremonies also won several important awards. Andy, Eason and Joey were the biggest winners for the night.

Andy whom had been busy from start to end of the year, kept jetting around finally could find some time to spend the Lunar New Year with his family.

He says: "For this year's Lunar New Year, I should be staying in Hong Kong as I've just wrap up the shooting of my movie, I think I'll rest for a while, should be spending with my family."

news from: TVBS E-News