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| Wednesday, January 25, 2006

After winning a Golden Globe Awards with his movie - Brokeback Mountain , Taiwanese director Lee Ang had completed his promotion in Taiwan, he jetted off to Hong Kong to start his world promotion as he joins Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actor Andy Lau to discuss about Brokeback Mountain.

Andy and Lee Ang look at independent movies from Brokeback Mountain in the seminar. Although Andy had yet find time to watch Lee Ang's latest movie but he still remember Lee Ang once quoted that he would collaborate with him once he won the Best Actor award in Golden Horse Films Awards.

When talked about gay theme movies, Andy express that he will try to accept. He says: "Actually gay is rather a common sight in society, this one thing we could not deny, thus I hope that if there's one that could attract those that think this theme is horrible to watch it, I think it'll do, I could accept it as I will watch such theme movies."

Lee Ang feel that Andy is very cute and could become his Brokeback Mountain. Lee said: "I think that Andy had worked hard for so many years, he had break his artist's charisma barrier, he's one actor that I respected."

news from: TVBS E-News