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| Monday, January 23, 2006

Two nights of Luk Fook Jewellery Stefanie Sun In Concerts Part II was successfully completed 2 nights ago and it attracted best friend Sammi Cheng whom seldom appeared in public recently to show her support among the audience. Sammi also went to backstage to celebrate with Stefanie which delights her.

The other guests among the audience were Peter Lam, Kwok Kai Wah and Kenny Kwan. The performing guests includes Chet Lam, Tanya Chua and mystery guest Andy Lau. Sammi whom was dressed in a black blouse with peach red scraf was accompanied by her manager Kwok Kai Wah, she had resumed her "seed shaped face" and appeared refreshing, she looked concentrated watching the performance. On seeing her old partner Andy's appearance, she applause loudly amd Sammi left with her manager after watching Andy performed.

It was told that during Sammi's fans gathering in the afternoon, she revealed that she would collaborate with Andy again in a Peter Lam invested, Chan Tat Sum directed new movie.

Stefanie could have been touched by her songs' lyrics which bring up her pain of her recent failed relationship as her eyes were teared after singing 'Wo De Ai' and 'Hai Pa', she tried to hold back her tears until the appearance of Andy which bring back the smile to Stefanie's face. When she introduce Andy, she said: "Recently many people was asking of my private matters, but I already have my "prince charming" and we had not met for 5 years, when I yet venture into Hong Kong, I'm so nervous and excited when I see him, although he doesn't know me but he's very friendly, easy to get along and he chatted with me, today I've a feeling that I'll meet him."

At this time, Andy was slowly raised onto the stage and Stefanie took the initiative to request: "Can you hug and kiss me?" Andy mischievously wipe his mouth and says: "Hope everyone allow me to enjoy this kiss." After kissing both Stefanie's cheek, a delighted Stefanie quipped: "Kiss twice!" Andy gave a OK hand signal while Stefanie gave a "V" hand sign and appeared excited. Andy then quipped that he was sent by the Chief Executive to represent Hong Kong to welcome the special guest (Stefanie) and pointed that she was too skinny thus need to slow down when talking and hugging her as he quipped: "I'm so nervous as I've never seen such a skinny female before, can you be hugged", the audience burst into laughters.

Both of them then hold hands and walked towards the audience, as Andy didn't bring his camera thus he asked the fans to help him take photographs and remind them to mail it to him.

When Stefanie went backstage to change her costume, Andy quipped: "Take your time, I've prepared 11 songs to sing." Andy sang 'Zai Shou Yi Chi Wo Ai Ni'.

During the post-concert celebration, when asked if she's happy that Andy was her performing guest, a delight Stefanie said: "I'm, he's very gentleman, really happy to see him as my performing guest. He's a very experienced singer, he should know what to say and bring out the atmosphere."

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