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| Monday, January 23, 2006

It had been years since Andy Lau and Maggie Cheung collaborate in a movie and both of them deny collaborating in new movie, 'Ti Tian Xing Dao' .

There was allegation that director Wong Jing is preparing a thriller 'Ti Tian Xing Dao' with plans of inviting Andy and Maggie to collaborate, Maggie would be collecting a 8-figure fee and Andy had read the script.

When rectifying with Maggie's management company, a spokesman expressed that he had not heard of or read the script for 'Ti Tian Xing Dao' , furthermore Maggie would not be accepting any new movie offers.

Meanwhile, Andy's Taiwan's Focus Films replied on allegation that Andy had read the script was a mis-quote as Andy never read the script and nobody had discussion with him on casting him in this movie.

Andy and Maggie had collaborated in classic like As Tears Goes By some 18 years ago, where they had a passionate kiss inside the telephone booth for 10 seconds which leaves a deep impression to movie fans. Although Andy and Maggie are a compatible pair on-screen but they seldom collaborate, only in What a Hero and Days of Being Wild. Their 1988's collaboration in As Tears Goes By being their 'closest' collaboration.

Andy had exclaimed that he hope to collaborate with Maggie again but he had mentioned earlier that there must be a good script before they could collaborate.

news from: Sina.com