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| Sunday, January 22, 2006

Andy Lau, film critic Shu Qi, independent movie b420 director Mathew Tang and Lee Ang whom just won the Best Director award at the Golden Globe Awards was in Hong Kong yesterday as they were invited to attend Cinematheque Broadway 10th anniversary specially organised "From Brokeback Mountain - Independent movies and new chances" seminar, 100 students from the movie faculty in attendance.

In the seminar, Lee Ang was asked by the compere if he would fulfil the promise he made in 2003's Golden Horse Film Awards that he would collaborate with Andy when he won the Best Actor award in Golden Horse Film Awards, Andy indeed become the Golden Horse Film Award's Best Actor in 2004 but Lee Ang had not fulfill his promise.

Lee exclaimed that he said those words to calm Andy down in 2003 as the compere kept teasing him what happen if Tony Leung won the award but when Andy won the Best Actor award in 2004, Lee thought: "I'm dead! I've to kept my promise!" He had such thoughts as he knows that Andy has the same passion for movies as him thus he had to keep his promise. Lee exclaimed that he hope to collaborate with Andy too as he hope that Andy is his "Brokeback Mountain", where a delighted Andy said: "Hope Lee Ang to be famous continously."

When asked if he had considered Andy for any of his movies, Lee Ang exclaimed that he always look at the script first before deciding whom to cast and he won't tailor a script specially for an actor thus whether he had the chance to collaborate with Andy would depend on fate. Lee added that he admired Andy as he thinks that he's cute and hardworking actor.

With regards to Andy's exposed that he had read the script of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon but the role was given to Chow Yn Fat. Lee said that he had a list of actors to chose from, his reason for picking Chow was that he's always holding a gun in action movies and seldom appear in period movies with some love scenes. Lee said: "Simply said, Chow Yun Fat is more suitable, I never seen Chow in a martial arts movie and playing with sowrd, this is a love story, I must use a good actor to be the swordman." When asked that Andy could not made it for the role, is he disappointed, Lee said: "Of course, no choice, I can't use human relationship for a movie."

Andy was asked if he was depressed that he did not make it for the role in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, he said: "I'm not depressed, it had passed." Andy always hope to collaborate with Lee and exclaimed that he will continue to wait but he hope that Lee would pick him for his movie just to keep his promise but rather the script cannot do without him as he's worth it. Andy said that he heard that Lee was going to start shooting The Hulk and hope that after watching Running On Karma, Lee could consider him for a role, but nothing came from Lee.

Andy was always supportive of independent movies as he told the compere that any new director could approach him and there won't be any outside pressure as he doesn't consider much when nurturing new directors, he said: "If new directors need money to shoot a movie can give me a call." When asked by the compere how he would make Hong Kong movies better, Andy said: "I'm not sure, I don't have much opinions, I only know how to give my best!"

When asked about allegations that he would be collaborating with Maggie Cheung in a new movie directed by Wong Jing, Andy exclaimed that Wong Jing did not contacted him and if there's a chance, he would like to collaborate with Maggie again.

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