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| Friday, February 03, 2006

On the second day of the Chinese New Year, Andy Lau whom always treated his fans as if they're his own family, spend some time to attend a fan gathering as he spend the holiday with more than a thousand fans.

Lam Ka Tung whom initially only thought of Chinese New Year visit Andy but was dragged by Andy to attend the gathering. When the fans saw Ka Tung, they immediately went forward to send in their greetings, he never expected so many fans thus he didn't prepare enough red packets as he quipped: "I'm not prepared today, but rest assured, please register first, I'll give to you in a later date!"

Andy then immediately rushed forward and express that he's the boss thus the duty of distributing red packets will be his job. Andy said: "Let me, the boss to give instead, I've red packets prepared." Although it was just a small thought from Andy, but it still leaves the fans excited.

To Andy, red packet represent a "lucky" item, thus he seldom discount his red packets, he would always gave the same amount in red packets for a good start. Actually other than the Chinese New Year, he also gets to collect red packets, he says: "When I went overseas, first day of work, or any festival, my mother and fans would gave me red packets for safety, basically, 365 days in a year, I get to collect red packets every normal day." As Andy pointed out that red packet represent a "lucky" item, thus he would try to keep it as long as he can thus he had a huge cupboard (drawer) to keep all his red packets as he had saved for so many years, thus his cupboard (drawer) should be "full" at all times.

However, there would be one day that his cupboard (drawer) would run out of space, then he would open the red packets and donate the money to charity. Andy collected his biggest red packet this year, is it given by his father? Andy quipped: "I don't know, I think I should put it the other way round, my father collected the biggest red packet this year, and it was given by Andy Lau. Haha!"

On the third day of the Chinese New Year, Andy must leave one day for himself as he asked director Johnnie To for their annual bowling duel. Andy lost to Johnnie last year and he finally manage to defeat Johnnie this year, however he had to sing praise of Johnnie's bowling talent as he only win him by a slight margin as the director had been busy shooting movies this year, thus lack of practice, if not he would lose to Johnnie instead. He says: "Johnnie had the talent for bowling, I only win him by a slight margin. If Johnnie wasn't busy shooting movies and didn't have the time to train, I'll lose to him whenever we meet, thus I cannot relax nor feel proud, must train hard to welcome the challenge by Johnnie."

After the Chinese New Year holidays, Andy will start rehearsing for 10 February's RTHK music concert. The tickets for the concert were snapped up even before the Chinese New Year, thus everyone is crying for a ticket but Andy also could not help to solve this matter. He says: "I always asked the company if they could have more seats added, but was told that the venue has limited space thus no more seats could be added, for those fans whom fail to get the tickets had to wait for next time, chances will come."

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