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| Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lam Ka Tung, Charles Ying and Cathy Leung were at starting ceremony for Sowers Action's Walk to Guangzhou 2006 fund raising activity. Other than compering the ceremony, Lam also participate in part of the journey.

Lam revealed that he visited his boss Andy Lau to wish him a Happy Chinese New Year the day earlier and collected a 4-figure red packet from him. He also added that he asked Andy out for bowling last night but had to cancel it as he need to prepare himself for the walk.

Meanwhile, Niki Chow expressed that she hope to become the female version of Andy Lau when asked about her wish for the Year of the Dog. She said that although she doesn't have much contact with Andy that often but she was proud of his hardwork in showbiz. She agree to what Eason Chan had said that if the music industry is without andy, it would one without a leader.

Niki also wanted to learn calligraphy, she says: "Andy is so educated, believed calligraphy did play some part, I wanted to be the female version of Andy Lau thus had to start by learning calligraphy."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Ming Pao