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| Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stepping into the Year of the Dog, Andy Lau temporaily put down his busy work to enjoy this feastive holidays, he also accompanied his parents. For feastive purposes, Andy specially approach his old friend Cally Kwong to lend him her pet dog Cash for a Chinese New Year photo shoot, he also get to taste the feeling of kissing a dog for the first time!

Cash whom always appeared in the media has some popularity, no wonder when Andy saw Cash, he quipped: "I always see you on TV, so you're the famous Cash?" Cash was also excited upon seeing Andy as its 'mummy' Cally asked it to kiss Andy. Cash immediately lend forward to kiss Andy. Initially Andy thought that Cash would not really kiss him, unexpectedly it really show its tongue to lick his mouth, that's Andy first kiss with a dog which leaves Andy helpless, he quipped: "Wah, it's really a super hot....spicy...kiss...it has so many saliva!"

Andy had a busy year as he hardly had any holidays as he was "flying here and there" for concert world tour, filming for movies and promoting his movies throughout the whole year, he must have sat on the plane more times than on car. When talked about "flying" gave him scare as for the new year, he only thought of staying in Hong Kong to spend a quiet holiday with his parents, he had no plans of holidaying overseas, Andy said: "Hong Kong is paradise, the best being at home is great, most comfortable, flew too many times last year, seldom had time with my family, for this new year, I want to be a good boy by spending more time accompanying my father and mother."

For the first day of Chinese New Year, Andy had a vegetarian dinner with his family. For the second day of the Chinese New Year, he had a fan gathering followed by a bowling challenge with Johnnie To on the third day of Chinese New Year, he was delighted to have a rich programmes everyday. He hope that everyone would be happy in the new year, most importantly is healthy and of course wishing everyone "Gong Xi Fa Cai".

Before the Chinese New Year, Andy had already carried out his role as the God of Fortune as he had a reunion dinner with his employees. At the gathering, there was a lucky draw where everyone would win prize money, each employee would get at least HK$1,000 and the highest prize money is HK$5,000.

On the first day of work, Andy would return to the company to distribute red packets, even though the need to cough out a huge amount for the red packets, Andy is not suffering any heartaches, he quipped: "Didn't calculate the actual amount, actually it almost the same amount every year, most important is happiness when distributing red packets, never calculate the money, to be able to distribute happiness to people is a kind of fortune, how could it be heartache."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Sina.com