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| Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Being nominated for the Best Actor award, Andy Lau attended the 25th Hong Kong Films Awards commemorative book revealing ceremony, the cover of the book featuring himself and 3 other nominated actors. The inside of the book has Jay Chou and a group of young actresses. Andy express that the phototaking with the other nominees was similiar to shooting a commerical for a fashion label.

Andy says: "Tony Leung Kar Fai said that he's standing tall waiting for victory while I'm at the front, when I see it, I saw so many people above me, I feel pressurise."

Alan Tam whom never openly admit that he has a wife, mistress and a 10-years-old son recently revealed the truth after his father's death as he wish the grandson could acknowledge his grandfather which force Alan to reveal his relationship the triangle relationship between himself, his wife and mistress.

Andy whom doesn't like to disclose his family matters was asked if he would arrange a good time to give Carol Zhu Liqian a name?

Andy replied: "My schedule would have to depend on god's arrangement."

news from: TVBS E-News