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| Thursday, March 30, 2006

Andy Lau whom was well verse in calligraphy was invited by adidas to add in new elements for their new shoes as he personally drawn the shoes with 4 different themes, which is dragon, mask, calligraphy and kungful. He spend 10 days to draw them, among them he like the kungfu the most.

Andy says: "I've drawn according to Shaolin kungfu but presented in a more cute way."

He quipped that he has a nickname of "liu hua" which give him some idea to design the 4 pairs of shoes to have some "hua" flavour. Andy says: "Currently I'm looking at a time to auction these shoes and the fund raised will be used for charity purposes."

With regards to the Hong Kong government legislation plan against taking photographs of others secretly, Andy is fully supported of it but when told that if an artist was to be photographed when he was opening his curtains, the offender would not be penalised which disappoint him.

He says: "Initially the doctor told me to open the curtains when I wake up in the morning, with fear of the paparazzi, this is not good as it would create a health problem."

There might be a parade to show their disagreements to the paparazzi's action, Andy express that being one of the showbiz, he would surely attend.

news from: TVBS E-News
additional photographs from: Sina.com