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| Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Andy Lau was in Causeway Bay to attend adidas adicolor 2006 fashion party in an adidas tore as he personally draw 4 pairs of limited edition high cut White Series-W2 adicolor HI-shoes as they're based on adicolo total white combination as the creative platform to blend with traditional arts for new creation as they were designed of 4 different designs in dragon, mask, calligraphy and kungfu. Andy also autographed on the shoes.

Andy expressed that he took a total of 10 days to design and draw the pictures, as he did not succeed for every pair as he used 5-6 old shoes for testings, the most difficult being the drawing of the dragon with a paper cutting as he express: "If I were to draw again, it will be present for friends or considered to sell in a charity auction but I'm not sure of the based price."

Currently, the Artiste Association had a meeting on legislate taking photographs without permission and eavesdropping, there was suggestion of a parade, Andy express that he support the idea: "I support a parade! But I think with just the strength of the artistes are not enough, if those good and healthy media workers to join in would be best and the matter would be ideal." Someone suggested that Andy taught the artistes some "18 stnts of martial arts" to counter the paparazzi, he disagree: "Violence doesn't solve any problem, the society will not accept it, thus it's better to pass to law to handle them. However after legislation, there will be still a grey area, if one whom didn't pull the curtains and got photograph, the paparazzi would be innocent, however if one would be photograph when he was in the middle of pulling his curtains, how to deal with the paparazzi? Legislation might not be a good idea too."

When talked about that his apartment seldom get paparazzi taking photographs secretly, Andy burst into laughters and quipped: "Touchwood!" With several artistes being photograph at their apartments recently, Andy quipped the artistes could wear a mask at home.

In addition, Sammi Cheng's fans complaint of Andy that he tipped Karen Mok of winning the Best Actress award in the upcoming Hong Kong Films Awards instead of Sammi. Andy revealed that people was asking whom he favours, but being on himself was nominated thus he did not express his feeling openly as it might be unfair. He feel that: "Sammi's acting is for all to see, all her films have many good results. I picked Karen as in encouraging and supporting a newcomer, she didn't have much films, in addition of she's nominated with the same movie as me, then I was the one whom suggested to the director to use her, of cause she will have added points, I'll vote for the 4 nominees."

With regards to the female fan in Lanzhou whom wish to meet him and her father need to sell his kidney in order to raise money to help her daughter, Andy urge the fan's father not to sell his kidney as it would make him more not to meet her.

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