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| Monday, February 13, 2006

For the past few days, showbiz has allegation spreading that Andy Lau's alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian went to pray to the snake god. When told of such allegations, Andy burst into laughters and exclaimed that he would rather depend on himself than praying god. Meanwhile his best friend, Felix Wong is urging him to get married soon.

Singing The Moon Represent My Heart, heavenly king Andy was indeed showing off his high "electricity". On the days before Valentines Day, one love song after another, all fans were dazzled by him. However, this "super electric power machine" did met his match.

Andy exclaimed: "Kiss me if you dare!" Charlene whom get to kiss Andy was shouting and jumping around on the stage, Andy was shocked by Charlene's daring action.

Being in showbiz for many years, facing his alleged girlfriend went to pray the snake god, experienced Andy know how to answer the question. He says: "When I heard their voice, I feel motivated to urge me to find my other half, then have children, no need to pray to god! That's not needed! I would rather pray myself than god!"

Andy manage to avoid the question but his best friend, Felix could stand what Andy had said as he exclaim: "I think if one have loved ones should get married soon, I need no translation, as everyone would not understand, get married fast!"

It seems that if Andy is not married, not only his fans are eager, even his friends also urging him to get married.

news from: TVBS E-News