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| Sunday, February 12, 2006

Andy Lau held his "Metro Radio Andy Lau Sing Good Love Song Music Concert" at the Hong Kong Conventional Centre 2 nights ago. With Valentine Day round the corner, the concert's theme was love songs. Andy also seize the chance to spend Valentine Day with his fans in advance as he sang several love songs. His parents and Charlene Choi's mother were also there to show their support. When Andy sang Ma Ma I Love You, Andy's father cried as he use his hand to wipe away his tears, it was a touching scene.

Andy approached Twins to be his special performing guest and they immediately joined Andy World Club as Andy also gave them their membership card on the spot, they were also awarded a special joining membership ceremony which is kissing Andy. Wearing Andy World Club uniform, they sing 'Ben Xiao Hai' and dance with Andy, they were so excited as they asked if they could hug and kiss Andy?

Andy quipped: "Both of you would not pay the double membership fees, you would enjoy the same privileges of other members. If you're dare, I would also allow you to kiss me!" Andy then peck his lips.

Charlene whom had kiss Andy in All About Love immediately exclaimed: "That's great!" and gave Andy a kiss which stunned the crowd. A surprised Andy use his hand to cover his mouth and said: "My celibacy was violated by you!" Charlene then quipped: "But you said so!" Andy then wipe his mouth and said to Gillian Chung: "It your turn," while looking at her, but she exclaims: "It doesn't matter, I have not yet have my first kiss on screen!" When Andy pointed out that she did kiss Stephen Fung in the movies, Gillian then explains that she only had her face close to Stephen only.

Andy express that he has plans to form a new group with Felix Wong and Lam Ka Tung called AK47, as they duet 'An Li Zao Mi' while they dance, their full of chemistry performance won the appluase of the fans. Andy exclaimed that AK47 would sweep many awards in the music awards ceremonies in the new year as he never won any group award. Andy said: "This year, we would win the Best Group, Best Singing, Felix and Ka Tung would win Best Improvement and I shall also win the Media award!"

Ka Tung then quipped: "People was at 17, but over age add together had already exceed 70." The audience burst into laughter.

Felix then do a somersault to prove that he's not old as the audience appluase for him. Felix then caught Andy off-guard by saying: "I hope that if you have the other half, I would wish to see you get married soon!" Andy tried to turn the attention off him by saying: "Lam Ka Tung, I'm telling you first, if the newspaper photograph you with someone, my company would not allow artiste to be in relationship!"

Andy then said: "If those people whom was single like me in this Valentine Day ...." , before he could finish his sentence, he got boos reply from the audience. But Andy continues: "I seldom dare to sing 'Yi Ge Ren Shui' (literally translated as Sleeping Alone) , but I really sleep alone. I'm still single." He burst into laughter after saying the sentence.

Towards the end of the concert, Andy said on-stage: "Recently there were many reports on me doing what man should do (getting married), I'll plan it properly, all of you should not worry for me, I'll get it planned soon." After saying, he sang 'Wu Xu Dan Xin' (literally translated as Not to Worry).

With regards to his earlier saying that he would only believe Alan Tam's secret to having a son that he taught Hacken Lee if he confim that Alan has a son, then Alan rebulk by asking Andy to bring his girlfriend out, when asked of this matter, Andy tried to avoid the question by saying: "Please don't affect the good atmosphere of my concert," and added that other than Felix, Ka Tung and Twins, he would not talk about other people.

After the concert, Charlene exclaimed that she actually just wanted to kiss Andy's face but she kiss on the wrong spot. When asked if she's worried that Andy's fans would not let the matter rest, Charlene express that she was very scared but she had prepared red packets as any trouble would be solved by giving red packets. When asked about she and Ronald Cheng went to meet his parents, she replied: "I will only talk about one male today and he would be Andy Lau, I would not reply personal questions."

Gillian whom gave Andy the snub explains: "I'm more shy and nervous! Never tried before and afraid Mani would angry of me. Maybe she should find me to be the female lead in his movie, then I will get to kiss him. Haha!"

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, MingPao, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po