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| Thursday, February 16, 2006

Short note: Gossips, gossips!!!!! HK magazine is full of gossip...they're paparazzi!!

Last Saturday, 11 Feb 2006, Pat Chun and her friend went for a shopping spree at Queensway and Central before going for dinner at a country club.

It was about to be 7:00pm, Pat Chun's friend car was driving into the country club's golf course carpark, Pat Chun's eyes sweep the whole area and spotted Andy Lau was about to leave after boarding his nanny car. Pat Chun's eye had another wide sweep and spotted a pregnant Sandra Ng with Peter Chan. Sandra then walk close to the nanny car to have a short chat with Andy before bidding farewell.

Andy and Sandra always keep in touch with one another. Earlier she collaborate with Andy and Anita Mui in Dance of a Dream, Anita was angry that the Mandarin title of the movie was similiar to Sandra's name which result to a period where she was angry with them.

In Sandra's Golden Chicken, Andy also took time off to cameo in the movie. From their good relationship, when Sandra's baby is born, Andy should be the first among showbiz to be the baby's god-father.

news from: Next Magazine