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| Monday, March 13, 2006

After being the cheerleader, Andy also lends a helping hand in moving the props, what a good boss!

Last weekend (4 March 2006), Andy Lau's invested I'll Call You had a promotional activity at Olympian Plaza, being the boss, when Alex Fong and the other cast were giving speeches on the stage, he become a cheer-leader as he gave them support at the side of the stage.

Andy doesn't wish to stand in the center, thus the position is taken by Lam Tse Chung

During the group photo-taking, the whole cast initially wanted to leave center position for Andy but he automatically walk to the back row and stand by the side. Despite his action, whom won't put the center of attention on Andy, no matter where he stand, he's still the biggest star.

news from: Sudden Weekly