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| Friday, March 10, 2006

Short Note: Phew! This is tough, 2 hours spend on translating this article!!! ALS readers, enjoy reading!

All of us had being saying that he is the most hardworking heavenly king megastar, but actually he's really enjoying the fun of working, no matter toward his family or life, he's always enjoying and tasting .....

If Andy Lau didn't narrates himself, it's hard to imagine what's the life of a homely male. In actual face, other than working his life in showbiz, Andy is willing to leave some of his time to his kitchen. However, not every male could handle family lifestyle, especially for those male whom career is at his peak. But, it clearly shows that Andy is enjoying it, this situation is the best stage of his life. For Andy, many thing does not related to age, no matter its 24 or 40 years old, or when he become older, his dreams and hardworking will not change, his influence will forever never change.

Reporter (R) : "So how he spend his Chinese New Year."

Andy (A): "Talking about Chinese New Year, it's really meaningful. He didn't holiday at overseas this year as he spend the first day with his family, the second day with his fans and Lam Ka Tung tagged along. He came to visit me on that day and he was dragged along by me to distribute red packets. On the third day, I went bowling with Johnnie To, I lost to him last year, but I manage to win him this time round. Johnnie is talented in bowling, I was lucky to win him this time round. If he was not busy shooting movies and lack of time to practice, I will lose to him whenever we play, thus I need to practice hard, even though I was lucky to win him, I can't be proud of myself as Johnnie is a very strong opponent, Haha."

R: "So you collected many red packets, correct?"

A: "That's goes without saying, I have a huge cupboard at home to keep red packets, it will always be full, Ha! Because I not only recieve red packets during Chinese New Year, actually whenever I go overseas for work, or any other festivals, my mother and fans would give me red packets for my safety. Basically, there are 365 days per year, I can get a red packet every half day! I will always keep my red packets and seldom open them unless it accumlated to a certain amount then I'll open a few to prevent jam packing the cupboard. After opening the red packets, I'll donate the money for charity purposes."

R: "So you should most happy when you spend time with your family?"

A: "That's great! Family is really very important, no matter what happens to me outside, when I'm back home, I'll be happy when I'm together with my family. I've a good relationship with my family, take for example that I like to eat roasted pork, my father specially go to learn how to make them, he tried several times to see if he could create the same effect with the oven, if he's successful, he will give them for me to eat. There was once he went to Mainland China, and he tasted a very good ginger milk shake, he bought milk and old ginger, the ginger juice would make the milk to froze better, when I alight from the plane, he immediately prepare for me and told me to drink when it's still fresh but actually he brought it along with him for a few days, it could never be fresh, but I understand that his thoughts is most important."

R: "So how's your relationship with your family?"

A: "We're very close, in the past we do not have a common topic, after I entered showbiz and start working, bought a big apartment for the whole family to stay together, our relationship improves and have more communication. When I'm young, we also stayed together, but everyone had many things to do thus no time to communicate. Everyone would be given certain tasks at home, I need to wake up at 4 AM to collect water, 6 AM to collect bread and come back home to wash all the plates and bowls, 11 AM I need to pack my bags and prepare to go to school at 12 noon, then my elder sister will return from school to carry out her duties. My results were very normal, I've the poorest result in the family, my sisters were very discipline, this type of childhood does not allow me to turn bad."

R: "Does your parent have different treatment towards you and your siblings?"

A: "Nope, I still have a younger brother, my parents treat everyone the same and I get no special treatment. What delights me is that they treat my younger brother better nowadays as to prevent the situation of "elder brother earns more thus love him more", they hope that we brothers would maintain a good relationship. Frankly speaking, they get to see me more than my younger brother as he has a factory in Mainland China, 5 days won't be in Hong Kong. Thus when we brothers wanted a chat, we need to fix appointment as in like: Would you be free next Wednesday for a chat. You see, we're like this, no different to other families."

R: "You put such an importance in your family, after you're married, will you stay with your family?"

A: "I won't force my wife to stay together with my family. I have many friends' girlfriends has no problem with their mother before marriage, but the trouble comes when staying together. I never see any wife and mother-in-laws get along well. If my wife choose not to stay together, I'll listen to her, if we can live together, but not forcing her, my mother thinks this way too."

R: "What's your ideal marriage?"

A: "Ideal and realistic is 2 different matters, my ideal is like my parents, they always quarrel and my father wins my mother, so happy! During quarrel, mother still endure and gave way to husband, I hope my woman will also give in to me, if it it would be hard to handle! In addition, I hope to have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, 2 chinese "hao" character. Currently I won't think so much about marriage, when I would like to have babies that I will get married. However, it also depends on what the female side see."

R: "If you're not working, what you do at home?"

A: "My family life is plain, if I need not work on that day, my maid will tell me what she would be buying from the market, I'll tell her to cook 2 dishes and porridge for breakfast and boil a soup and fried rice for lunch. Hei, talking about family chores, I can do better than many females. Talking about ironing clothes, I'm enjoying it, this then feels like a holiday, the steam from the iron and smell of soap, it would be better if add in some jazz music and soccer match live telecast. Hehe, many middle-aged man are willing to spend this type of life but it's middle-age crisis, what you think? Hei, my age had already passed the middle-age crisis. What crisis means is that you never work hard when you're young, never think properly what you want to do, this is the best time of my life. In the past, I'm afraid that I'll turn ugly or put on weight, now I can exceed these problems."

R: "Aren't you worried that you'll lose your male charisma because of your age?"

A: "To many young ladies, they would feel that I'm very old. I've passed the stage that I need to satisfy everyone, currently my life need ony to see what;s the quality of that day and go forward then this is natural."

R: "Upon listening, you seems to enjoy your current lifestyle!"

A: "Exactly, my apartment was at Kadoorie Hill, it's where I dreamt to stay since ypung. In the past, my house was somewhere near the foot of the mountain, when I'm still a teenager, I'll look up to Kadoorie where Bruce Lee, Sam Hui and other megastars stayed, then I vowed that I'll stay on Kadoorie and now my dream came true. There I have another bungalow, there's a British style walkway and garden, down the slope there's a carpark, never look carefully, I thought I was an expat. To me, this kind of enjoyment is enough."

R: "This is the best apartment you've stayed?"

A: "I think so. I once bought a house at Hong Kong's highest - The Peak, I thought it was great, in the end, I sold it off. Because when I go up to the Peak, as the land is too high, I could see nothing, just clouds. Then I realise: If you want to won the most expensive and best things, in the end you enjoyed nothing and feel the real taste. There's Repluse Bay in Hong Kong, I could spend my savings to stay there but you would spend a lot of time travelling to and fro the city. Thus, other than those rich people, normal people don't live there. Actually what the rich people have in addition to others, the most precious is to have time to relax."

R: "Now you can arrange your own time?"

A: "This is my reward, my hardwork in the past earn myself able to arrange my won time, when I'm 23-years-old, I'm more selfish, I wanted to do more things in my career then, have more savings, of course need to sacrifice many things which includes love and time spent with family."

R: "Talking about your relationship with Yu Kexin, do you regret it?"

A: "Talking back, I would think that relationship as important, because I'm very relax and happy, if back to 20-years-old, I might not change the decision I made then, I admit that I'm not a person to die for love. Till now, I've passed 40-years-old and then I've time to accompany my loved ones. Although I have a complete resume, when I'm free will read a love novel or anything from the Internet, the album I released is related to love too. Some loving love stories, I will feel touched after watching. Many people feel that after going through so many, one would be carefree, but to me, it won't be easy to be happy."

R: "You seems so relax, what's your secret?"

A: "Very simple, when other people work, they're being chased around, for me, I request my own work. It's like fishing, if your hand never leave the rod, you can still be relax. If you always think when you can wrapped up work and go for a holiday, of course you feel tired. Everyone has a different attitude toward work, some need holidays, but I feel that everyday can be considered a holiday. Most people need boss to give them work, I gave work to myself, that's different, take 8 March Woman's Day or Police Day, its just a fixed day of holiday, in actual fact, that's an imagination, why not you live in the happiness of your everyday life than rather work hard throughout the year and pipped hope on the 7 days of holidays, that means that it would be very hard to search for happiness. "

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news from: Sina.com, 《OK!》 Magazine